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Interior Protection

Everyday wear can be just as punishing on the inside as it is on the outside.
Commodore Coatings™ Interior Protection offers treatments for fabric, vinyl and
leather that keep interior surfaces looking new.

Commodore Coatings Leather & Vinyl Protection:
Our rich, proprietary formula guards against cracking, fading, and discoloration. Commodore Coatings Vinyl/Leather Renewer renews and replaces vital components lost over time. This Commodore product not only softens and preserves the leather in new vehicles; it actually enhances the richness of its appearance by replacing natural nutrients dried out by the sun. When used each Spring and Fall, these Renewers refresh and restore vinyl and leather protection, helping to ensure the long-lasting beauty and value of each new vehicle. We guarantee the protection.

Commodore Coatings Fabric Treatment
Our Fabric Protection with Texguard surrounds every fiber with a protective barrier and prevents stains from setting. It protects against oil based stains while maintaining the softness and appearance of interior fabrics. Spills bead up on contact and can be easily wiped clean without staining. Even things like coffee, baby spills and pet mishaps are blocked from discoloring the fabric. Despite its great strength, our formula is guaranteed not to affect the softness, texture, or appearance of any interior fabric. We guarantee the protection.