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The MA Protection is easy to maintain! You only need to wash and dry your car regularly. When your car is washed it should always be with a soap that is made specifically for cars. Car wash soap is specially balanced to maintain the proper PH while gently removing surface dirt. When your car is finished with washing, it should be dried with a clean soft towel or chamois. We recommend having your car washed at the same shop that installed the MA. You can have confidence that the Authorized Commodore Dealer will use the proper type of soap.

Remember the MA Protection is still on your car! If you want to increase the luster, the best way to renew the MA shine is with Commodore Paint Sealant Renewer. This product is made with the same Polymer Technology as the MA. It has been made to renew the original MA look and feel. You can have this installed at your Authorized Commodore Dealership.

We recommend that you use your Commodore Coatings Maintenance Kit twice a year, going into and coming out of the winter, to maintain your Environmental Protection Warranty.

In this industrialized world, the number of factories, power plants and cars is growing larger every day. The result is more harmful emissions in the air. NOx and SO2 are released into the atmosphere from coal powered electricity plants and fuel burning vehicles. These chemicals will combine with moisture to form Sulfuric Acid and Nitric Acid. When these corrosive materials fall back to the ground it is called “Acid Rain”. Acid Rain can be either ‘wet’ like rain or ‘dry’ like dust.

Laboratory tests and Field studies show that acid rain can scar the paint on a new vehicle. The US EPA says that putting a protective coating on a new car surface will help protect the vehicle from damage. MA was developed to provide the strongest and most durable protection available!

Yes! Commodore makes a full line of vehicle appearance and protection products. These products are trusted by professional shops. Commodore is always introducing new products for both the interior and exterior vehicle beauty. You can check back at this website to learn about the products when they are introduced.

Easy! Just call us toll free at 800-747-1992 or email us at info@CommodoreCoatings.us

No, Commodore Products are designed to protect your vehicle from Environmental Conditions like Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Road Salt, Sun, Bird Droppings and Industrial Fallout.

Commodore Sales 1-800-747-1992 (You should have your contract number handy!)

Yes, for $50.00, but remember that cars needs to be inspected by authorized personnel.

The white plastic is for transportation and environmental protection. It is removed as part of the Dealership New Car Preparation. This is why protecting your new car is an important investment!

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